The Four Most Common Types of Bees


Dealing with beekeeping business is such a great investment that anyone can freely go into. However, just like any other kind of venture, before you can succeed in the world of honey bees, you must then first learn and understand the things that embrace the beekeeping industry. Certainly, there are a lot of important matters regarding beekeeping that you should give attention to and one of these, are the different types of bees.

Without doubt, there area number of types of bees that you must know, learn, and understand before engaging with beekeeping business. In fact, you can simply conduct a brief research with regard to these different natures of bees through the assistance of the internet. For sure, there are numerous reliable results that you can obtain from online surfing yet you still need to be cautious enough when going over to the details.

To give you a brief summary regarding the different types of bees, here are the following details that you can liberally go over and weigh up the differences later on.

Bumblebees – These types of bees are known to fly around the flora within your backyard or garden. They are large and hairy, and they have colors of black and yellow. You can usually see these bumblebees during the spring and the summer months and they use most of their time pollinating plants or flowers and collecting nectar to produce honey.

Carpenter bees – These types of bees are often bemused as bumblebees, which chew through wood in an ideal sphere, as if a carpenter has essentially taken a drill and pierced all through. These bees have metal-like, black hue and no yellow marks and they have retiring kind of attitude and cannot set up wax.

Honeybees – These kinds of bees have a small form and they are commonly black. They take place and are involved in the pollination of not merely honey but as well as numerous other fruit and vegetable crops. This type of bees is very communal in nature. In addition, a honeybee colony has three classes of bees.

Ground bees – This classification of bee are also known as ‘mining bees’. These bees do not like noisy moving echoes or sounds and can get irritated so easily yet in general, they are not that aggressive. Also, these bees are neither solitary nor communal and do exist in separate but nearby nests.

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